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atomically Thin nano-scale resistive memory

Resistive memories are two terminal nano-devices which have similar characteristics as biological neurons and they are building blocks of our brain-inspired AI processors. Our devices are fabricated using novel 2-dimensional materials which gives higher energy-efficiency and reliable performance.


highly-connected memristive networks

Processor core is network of highly connected memristive sub-cores where each sub-core focuses on analyzing different type of signal. This structure emulates the brain processing structure and hence makes our processors 100x energy-efficient and powerful comparing to current processors.


novel processing architecture

Our processors have hybrid implementation of deep neural networks, spiking neural networks, and reinforcement learning that gives adaptable learning capability directly on the hardware. So, our flexible AI processor improves safety of autonomous vehicles, makes service/industrial robots more robust, and gives efficient flight operation to drones.

our technology

industries which we are bringing value


autonomous vehichle

Autonomous vehicles require very robust and intelligent agent for safe operation, especially if they are deployed in urban areas. Hence, one of our focus industries is autonomous vehicles.

Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 12.17.15 PM.png



Humanoid robots need to be robust in perception of environment and control of their actions. Our processors enable human-like brain in industrial robots and robots in service industry.

Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 12.17.34 PM.png



Since drones rely on battery power, they need to be energy-efficient and faster in information processing for safety. Our processors enable high-level intelligent flight with longer flight duration

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