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Neuronspike Technologies

We are on a mission to develop the first hardware-aware Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

We develop brain-inspired AI models and chipsets that are offered through our application layer.


We released public beta of our text-to-text model that is 100x smaller than GPT3 and with competitive performance. Neuronspike's small but powerful AI models can be deployed at the edge devices without performance degradation.


We envision AI to become major driving force of global growth in output and productivity, and our mission is to help business adopt AI effortlessly in the age of AI.

Hardware-aware AGI

Until now, most artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been developed without attention to the limitations of the hardware where AI is being deployed. Eventually, powerful AI systems have been limited by the processing power of the hardware.

Neuronspike takes a ground-up, new approach. Our design of AI systems involves software-hardware co-design so that advanced AI can be deployed on limited processing power. For example, deploying ChatGPT on mobile phones and smart home devices without a cloud backend.

We design both the software AI system that is highly versatile and advanced (also known as AGI) and the hardware where the AGI will live. Our solution results in up to 30x better performance per dollar spent compared to existing approaches.

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