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NS Vision API

It has never been this simple to choose, test, optimize, deploy your machine learning projects

Up to 11x 

faster inference

Up to 3x 

more energy-efficient

NS Vision API is general purpose AI system library that can be deployed in autonomous driving, camera security, and unmanned autonomous flying applications. This API is pre-trained and easily callable by keywords. 

With release of this API, we aim to remove the challenge of maintaining extremely large neural networks and millions of  USD cost associated with cloud computing for training and maintaining of advanced AI models.

STep towards aGI

NS Vision API is easily callable AI system library. Each application scenario has its own functions for pre-trained and self-learning architectures designed by neuronspike engineers.


NS vision is the first of series of NS APIs that will include:

  • Natural language understanding  (NLP API)

  • Healthcare predictive analytics  (Health API)

  • Industrial predictive analytics  (Industry API)

  • Agricultural analytics  (Agri API)

  • Financial modelings & time-series modelings ( Time API)

Eventually all API being combined into single stack which will result in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) product. 

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